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  • You have potential and a purpose. Do you want to discover what it is and live that out?
  • You are capable of achieving and exceeding all your goals. Do you want that for yourself?
  • You are capable of executing tasks. Is it time to invest in a coach?
  • Surrounding yourself with a supportive community can dramatically impact your growth. Will this community become your community?

I believe it can be!

Welcome to Inspired Coaching

What can the Academy do for you? Hiring Tessa as your coach and teammate, will allow you to develop the skills you need to run a more productive and profitable business. And create a life you love. Are you ready for that?

With Inspired Coaching, you will get access to:

  • 2 hours of Coaching a month

Book a weekly 30 min call or a bi-weekly 1hr call with Tessa. Coaching sessions are the key to your success and to helping you stay on track to reaching your goals.


  • 90 Day Focus Program – The Goal Achieving System for Increased Productivity

The 90 Day Focus is designed to bring focus and action into your business. This goal achieving system comes with videos, worksheets and bonuses, to help you discover what you want your life to look like and how your business can support that. This is not your typical “business plan”, this is an effective and efficient way to crush goals, 90 days a time.

  • Access to our Private Facebook group

Ask questions, connect with other members, get feedback on what you are working on. Consider this, your own personal board of advisors.

  • Weekly live teachings in our Private Facebook group and access to all previous lives

Topics such as mindset, marketing, personal growth and so much more to help you reach your goals.

  • Success strategies to help you grow and scale your business

Recorded trainings to help you market, scale and sell yourself with confidence and ease along with communication and leadership training.

  • 1 Monthly live  in person session to review and reflect on the past month along with action session

Join us live once a month to brainstorm, reflect and work ON your business. Cannot attend live? No problem! All teaching portions are recorded and available in the members area!



Training. Mentorship. Coaching.


This is where you learn the proven system to setting and achieving goals to help you achieve more in 90 days than you have in 12 months. Work through the 90-Day focus at your own  pace and implement the strategies to achieve success in reaching your goals. You also have access to strategies that will help you execute your goals and tasks with ease. 


This is where experiences are shared so you can learn from those who have done it. My failures, my successes, and what I‘ve learned an entrepreneur. Hope on the weekly RoadMap calls to take get your questions answered and learn from others as well.


This is where you get one on one support from me and where discussions happen to help you move towards your goals.  This is where I help hold a mirror up to your reflection, to help you see what you are capable of and guide you personally in your journey. Imagine a relationship that is entirely focused on you where someone listens to you and not simply hears you.

We believe that in order to get the most out of your coaching experience, one must be held accountable to the dreams and aspirations one desires. I am committed to your success and my only agenda is your growth and your success!

Inspired Capability

With weekly lessons, actions steps and participation, you will become capable of taking steps every day so you can finally reach your desired goals.

A Feeling of Belonging

Be surrounded and supported by amazing tribe members who truly want to see you succeed.

On-Going Coaching

Live chats, group coaching, daily posts and so much more to help you achieve all your wildest goals!


As a certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker and Coach, I am excited to help you grow, not only your business, but your leadership and communication skills along with your personal development.

Are you ready to work with me inside this Academy? Let's hop on a call and see how we can help you reach your potential.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days we'll refund your first payment.

There is also no long term commitment, cancel at any time with no penalty.



Sarah Rubenstein

Tessa is amazing woman! She's my go to person behind the scenes keeping me on track building my business, hitting my goals, balancing family life and making sure I don't burn out in the process. If you're looking for business support get in touch. She's incredible. I could not have pulled off this year without her!


Debbie Stanley

Working with Tessa has encouraged me to pause, slow down and really focus in on the important aspects of running my business.  My weekly calls with Tessa are my most cherished chats as she stops me in my tracks and gets me to refocus and reflect.  Having her support and knowledge is the best buddy(coach) an entrepreneur could ask for!


Rosie Dietrich

Inspired Academy is exactly what I needed to get my new travel business going.  Switching careers and having to set new goals, task lists, and the never-ending to-do list seemed so overwhelming at the beginning. With this program, I’ve been able to prioritize the things that need to get done and I actually get them done.  I’m crushing sales goals much sooner than I ever thought possible. Tessa is the little voice in the back of my mind telling me to focus, work hard, prioritize, and stick to the plan.  Whenever I’m stuck for an idea, process, or just need to re-focus, Tessa is there.  Wouldn’t be where I am in my new business without her.


Kate Belbeck

I just want to say how amazing I am finding this whole concept! I don't think I have ever felt so organized and focused, even when life throws me curveballs and everything falls apart. LOVE IT!! Thanks Tessa for bringing this to my life.


Angela Kafadar

The Inspired Academy (really...Tessa) has really helped me focus on that ONE thing that's going to make the biggest impact in my business. There's SO much noise out there, and I'm easily distracted by so many things. Having her support and guidance has been invaluable to me the last few weeks. I also really like her positive and loving approach - I'm truly someone she cares about, not just another member. If you are always saying "I'm busy" and are pushing the most important parts of your work aside and need help being focused - you NEED to be here.


Lisa Braun

Tessa's program is great for any business owner (or really anyone anyone who uses the words "I'm always so busy"!) It will help you prioritize, focus and get things done!! And she genuinely cares about you, your challenges and your achievements. 


Connie Brennan

Tessa is amazing! She helps you set goals, prioritize, focus and get out of your own way so that you can be working on the growth of your business not just doing all the other stuff that does serve your customer or your business growth. She also calls you out when you need it and holds you accountable.


Penny Norkett

Marketing Course

The reason I joined the Inspired Academy with Tessa Kampen was for the monthly in person live mastermind events that she hosts. Monday's event was amazing. Tessa provided a content creation model that will take the guess work out of what to post for the entire year! The personalized support I received was phenomenal! If you are looking for a community of action takers the Inspired Academy is the place to be!


Elizabeth Ruth

Tessa is amazing to work with! I love how she starts with the entrepreneur's need to articulate their business in a way that is easily digestible to others. She further walks us through incredibly creative ways to market to our audience that engages and educates them in a meaningful way. I'm so glad I found Tessa and her spin on representing our businesses!


Maureen Lowden

I joined because I did not know how to be the owner of a business and I want to be successful. The problem I need help solving is how to market myself and my business and Tessa is always there to help me with that.


Amanda Fraser

I registered to attend one of Tessa’s events even though I wasn’t sure if I could attend and be present (mentally or physically), but Tessa made me feel so comfortable and welcome during a time where I didn’t feel either of those things in life. I’m not sure if Tessa was actually aware of how much of an impact she’s had on my life.

I think because of that initial connection and feeling so thankful for meeting her, it was only a matter of time before I joined pretty much anything she offered.

Tessa’s personality and genuine interest in people and not just running a business is what sold me and what continues to sell me. We made that personal connection first and because of that I easily trusted her on the business front.

I joined the Academy because of everything I shared above and because I was looking for some likeminded people to connect with and inspire me. I realized that the people I normally surrounded myself with just didn’t “get it” or even understand my entrepreneurial brain! I’ve always been an entrepreneur by heart, but got distracted by all of my ideas and never focused on anything specific. Having someone to check in with and tools to set goals and plan have changed the way I work my current and future businesses.


Lisa Heard

I joined the Inspired Academy because I felt a connection with Tessa. I needed a new tribe of strong, positive women and I need to learn how to work for myself.


Angela Kafadar

Marketing Course

As a content creator myself, I find that I am so good at helping others creating content - when it comes to my own content, I get so stuck in my own head and so when I attended The Inspired Academy's in person session on Content Marketing Success Strategy, it gave me the inspiration I needed to come up with 52 weeks of content.  What I loved most is this was a working session, so having the time to learn then implement this strategy was gold.


Kim Jones

Marketing Course

Marketing my business is always the task that gets put to the back burner for no reasons other than overwhelm and fear.  There is always so much to do and I never know where to start my efforts.  Tessa's event takes the fear and overwhelm out of the process.  The technique she shares is genius, I think!  Even more amazing is that a plan for a year's worth of content can easily be created and put into action.

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