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August 15th, 2019

Goal Achieving Bootcamp


$189 + HST (Non-Members)
$65+ HST (Members)

Setting goals and achieving them takes 2 different types of skills.

Once you are aware and understand this key principle you can start to move towards your goals and actually start achieving them.

So many people feel stuck where they are and Tessa wants to show you that you are not stuck, you simple need to be aware of what it takes to achieve the goals you set. By learning the strategies and tools to do that, you can achieve any goal you desire.

For the first time, Tessa will walk you through the goal achieving process she uses with her clients so you too can get the results you want in your business. This full day bootcamp will go through the step by step process that allows Tessa and her clients achieve more than they ever imagined in less time.

What will you learn in this full day Bootcamp?

  • How to determine what you want your life to look like and what purpose you desire for several key areas of your life
  • An understanding of the goal setting and goal achieving process so you can set your self up for goal achieving success
  • The recipe for success with a step by step process to setting, planning and executing with confidence.
  • A proven system that you can take and use for years to come that paints the perfect picture of what you desire and how to achieve that.

This will be an intense day of learning, growing and action taking. You will walk away with a plan of action and a clear vision of what you desire for your life and business.

Along with the help of Tessa, you will be confident that you can achieve all your dreams and goals.

A hot lunch and refreshments will be served along with all the tools you need to crush your goals.

September 4th 2019 , 9:30-11:30am

Inspired Action

Members Only

Join us for our monthly in person session for reflect, review and redo think tank session. Taking time to focus on our goals, making sure they are in line with our vision and hold true to our purpose.

What has been working, what hasn't been and what must we do to move forward. Setting and achieving goals take work and do not happen by chance.


October 8th 2019 , 9:30-11:30am

Inspired Action

Members Only

Join us for our monthly in person session for reflect, review and redo think tank session. Taking time to focus on our goals, making sure they are in line with our vision and hold true to our purpose.

What has been working, what hasn't been and what must we do to move forward. Setting and achieving goals take work and do not happen by chance.


Leadership, Growth and Communication Masterclasses

Register for one of our 6 Week Masterclasses to help you grow your leadership and communication skills along with your personal development. 

We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. No matter what business you are in or what job you hold, you will never hear anyone say they are struggling because they are being led by great leaders.
We believe that the only way to add value to others, is by adding value to ourselves first, and that is where personal development comes into play. Too many of us do not even realize our own potential, although we have no problem seeing the potential of others. This Academy will show you just how great you truly are.
We also believe that the problem with communication is that we think it takes place when in fact it doesn’t. We must develop those skills and by doing so, we will see a direct impact on our ability to reach goals and increase our financial well being.

Put Your Dreams to the Test

September 2019

Do you have a dream? Do you think you are capable of achieving that dream? Let’s put your dreams to the test by discovering the steps you need to conquer your dreams in this 10 week growth plan masterclass!

One-Time Payment of $349

Early Bird rate $249

To get the $100 Early Bird discount, use coupon code EARLYBIRD7364 when checking out, before it expires on August 23rd.

Masterclass Topics

Some of the topics and material you will learn will be based on the following books by John Maxwell:


Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn

A study on how our losses can bring abundance to our lives and great opportunities for growth. By learning from our experiences, we are able to take our lives to a whole new level.


Leadership Gold

Develop your leadership skills and abilities by learning from John’s hardest leadership lessons and use the material to develop the leaders around you as well.


Put Your Dreams to the Test

Do you have a dream? Do you think you are capable of achieving that dream? Let’s put your dreams to the test by discovering the steps you need to conquer your dreams.


Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Leadership is a teachable skill. Learn how to communicate and connect with people in an ethical way to build your influence.


Learning to Become a Person of Influence

If we cannot lead ourselves, we cannot lead anyone else. Learn the tools you need to become a person of influence.


How to be a R.E.A.L. Success

Develop the thoughts and ideas based around Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, Leadership that will help you move one step closer to your goal, desire or dream.

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Choose a day and time and we'll go over the best way I can help you grow your business.


Sarah Rubenstein

Tessa is amazing woman! She's my go to person behind the scenes keeping me on track building my business, hitting my goals, balancing family life and making sure I don't burn out in the process. If you're looking for business support get in touch. She's incredible. I could not have pulled off this year without her!


Debbie Stanley

Working with Tessa has encouraged me to pause, slow down and really focus in on the important aspects of running my business.  My weekly calls with Tessa are my most cherished chats as she stops me in my tracks and gets me to refocus and reflect.  Having her support and knowledge is the best buddy(coach) an entrepreneur could ask for!


Rosie Dietrich

Inspired Academy is exactly what I needed to get my new travel business going.  Switching careers and having to set new goals, task lists, and the never-ending to-do list seemed so overwhelming at the beginning. With this program, I’ve been able to prioritize the things that need to get done and I actually get them done.  I’m crushing sales goals much sooner than I ever thought possible. Tessa is the little voice in the back of my mind telling me to focus, work hard, prioritize, and stick to the plan.  Whenever I’m stuck for an idea, process, or just need to re-focus, Tessa is there.  Wouldn’t be where I am in my new business without her.


Kate Belbeck

I just want to say how amazing I am finding this whole concept! I don't think I have ever felt so organized and focused, even when life throws me curveballs and everything falls apart. LOVE IT!! Thanks Tessa for bringing this to my life.


Angela Kafadar

The Inspired Academy (really...Tessa) has really helped me focus on that ONE thing that's going to make the biggest impact in my business. There's SO much noise out there, and I'm easily distracted by so many things. Having her support and guidance has been invaluable to me the last few weeks. I also really like her positive and loving approach - I'm truly someone she cares about, not just another member. If you are always saying "I'm busy" and are pushing the most important parts of your work aside and need help being focused - you NEED to be here.


Lisa Braun

Tessa's program is great for any business owner (or really anyone anyone who uses the words "I'm always so busy"!) It will help you prioritize, focus and get things done!! And she genuinely cares about you, your challenges and your achievements. 


Connie Brennan

Tessa is amazing! She helps you set goals, prioritize, focus and get out of your own way so that you can be working on the growth of your business not just doing all the other stuff that does serve your customer or your business growth. She also calls you out when you need it and holds you accountable.


Penny Norkett

Marketing Course

The reason I joined the Inspired Academy with Tessa Kampen was for the monthly in person live mastermind events that she hosts. Monday's event was amazing. Tessa provided a content creation model that will take the guess work out of what to post for the entire year! The personalized support I received was phenomenal! If you are looking for a community of action takers the Inspired Academy is the place to be!


Elizabeth Ruth

Tessa is amazing to work with! I love how she starts with the entrepreneur's need to articulate their business in a way that is easily digestible to others. She further walks us through incredibly creative ways to market to our audience that engages and educates them in a meaningful way. I'm so glad I found Tessa and her spin on representing our businesses!


Maureen Lowden

I joined because I did not know how to be the owner of a business and I want to be successful. The problem I need help solving is how to market myself and my business and Tessa is always there to help me with that.


Amanda Fraser

I registered to attend one of Tessa’s events even though I wasn’t sure if I could attend and be present (mentally or physically), but Tessa made me feel so comfortable and welcome during a time where I didn’t feel either of those things in life. I’m not sure if Tessa was actually aware of how much of an impact she’s had on my life.

I think because of that initial connection and feeling so thankful for meeting her, it was only a matter of time before I joined pretty much anything she offered.

Tessa’s personality and genuine interest in people and not just running a business is what sold me and what continues to sell me. We made that personal connection first and because of that I easily trusted her on the business front.

I joined the Academy because of everything I shared above and because I was looking for some likeminded people to connect with and inspire me. I realized that the people I normally surrounded myself with just didn’t “get it” or even understand my entrepreneurial brain! I’ve always been an entrepreneur by heart, but got distracted by all of my ideas and never focused on anything specific. Having someone to check in with and tools to set goals and plan have changed the way I work my current and future businesses.


Lisa Heard

I joined the Inspired Academy because I felt a connection with Tessa. I needed a new tribe of strong, positive women and I need to learn how to work for myself.


Angela Kafadar

Marketing Course

As a content creator myself, I find that I am so good at helping others creating content - when it comes to my own content, I get so stuck in my own head and so when I attended The Inspired Academy's in person session on Content Marketing Success Strategy, it gave me the inspiration I needed to come up with 52 weeks of content.  What I loved most is this was a working session, so having the time to learn then implement this strategy was gold.


Kim Jones

Marketing Course

Marketing my business is always the task that gets put to the back burner for no reasons other than overwhelm and fear.  There is always so much to do and I never know where to start my efforts.  Tessa's event takes the fear and overwhelm out of the process.  The technique she shares is genius, I think!  Even more amazing is that a plan for a year's worth of content can easily be created and put into action.